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Flex Your Beauty… Breeja Larson

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Several weeks ago Aggie swimmer and 2012 Olympic-gold medalist Breeja Larson stopped by the studio. With the Olympic Swim Trials next  one of her sponsors wanted a portrait for the trails. Afterward we took a few minutes to create a few extra portraits for her and me.

One of Breeja’s missions is empowerment for women. I asked her to write about her campaign. This is what Breeja wrote:

“The women empowerment campaign idea came from a conversation I had with a young girl I spoke to at an Arena Swim Clinic Appearance. She was a beautiful young girl with a very muscular build. She asked me if I hated my muscle. I could see right away how self conspicuous she was of her beautiful muscle tone and I saw the opportunity to help build her confidence. So I told her that I absolutely love my muscles that I worked so hard for. Yes, it’s harder to find clothes, and yes- I’m stronger than a lot of guys and sometimes I was teased when I was younger. So I told her that anyone who teased her was insanely jealous, and she should walk with absolute confidence and never feel like her muscles make her any less of a beautiful woman. After this conversation I thought that there were probably a lot of young female athletes who might feel the same about their muscular toned bodies and I always felt better about my “flaws” growing up if I saw a celebrity or someone I looked up to have the same “flaw” and was still successful, like Will Ferrell has crooked teeth or Kate Hudson is flat chested, and both are confident in their appearance so I could be to if I owned my own look. So if I could show all the young female athletes and women in general that muscle is beautiful and it is something to be proud of and not ashamed or embarrassed by, then that one step closer to a better society.”

Well said and thanks for sharing!


Good luck and Gig ’em at the Olympic Trials Breeja!